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Exotic Island Summer Retreat in Croatia July 2018

John Cristian Developing your Natural Charisma – Exotic Island Summer Retreat in Croatia July 2018

Some people have a special quality that is difficult to define or describe, but is known as charisma. A charismatic person will draw others to him or her. They tend to be popular, and other feel good being with them. People will also pay more attention to what someone with charisma has to say.

For some reason, a charismatic person radiates a special energy that makes others feel better about themselves. As a result, being in their presence could be said to be healing.

We should ask oursleves what makes a charismatic person, where does charisma come from. Is it a special gift or quality that some people are born with, or is it available to whoever chooses to have it.

These questions, and others, will be clarified in this workshop. This workshop on will show you how you can become secure enough in yourself to explore the depths of spiritual growth, change and effectiveness in how you choose live your life.

Highlights of this workshop will include:

  • Exercises to identify and remove the blocks to the full expression of your own, latent charisma.
  • Guided imagery in Self Love – how to integrate and love all parts of your Self.
  • The power of Self talk – the building of a supportive inner dialogue.
  • Techniques to measure your level of trust in yourself and in others.
  • Tuning your body like an instrument through sound, song and movement
  • Powerful breathing exercises to enhance your life force and charisma

The Retreat is held at the Harmony centre situated in a camp Torkul in olive plantation by the sea, in Kraj, a village on the island of Pašman, 3 kilometres away from Tkon where the ferry lands. Campers will be staying in a 3-star camp. Guests who prefer rooms will be situated in apartments in village. Seminars are simultaneously taking place in a wooden hall inside the camp and in the open terrace above the sea. The whole programme will take place in the camp and on trips.

H i m a l a y a n M ed i t a t i o n T r ek

N o v e m b er to April 2 0 1 8/19

Trekking with a difference!

Meditation and Village Culture Trek

Chitwan and Pokhara

Moderate 15 days Camping Trek

Maximum altitude 2225m

Trek and daily meditation sessions lead by John Christian

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