Yoga for The Western mind

1. Charisma & The Art of Self Confidence

For some reason, a charismatic person radiates a special energy that makes others feel better about themselves. As a result, being in their presence could be said to be healing. But what makes a person charismatic? These questions, and others, will be clarified in this workshop. But be warned. This is not a workshop on how to become popular. Rather, it will show you how you can become secure enough in your Self to explore the depths of spiritual growth, change and effectiveness.

2. The X Factor in Healing

If disease and disharmony trouble us, then it is likely that our thinking is sometimes strained and unclear, or we easily become emotionally upset and act in ways that we later regret, all of these factors contribute to disease. True healing requires a change in consciousness towards our attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and even our symptoms, especially in our relationship towards self, and others. Highlights of this workshop include Stress & Emotions Management.

3. The Creative Power of Love and Fear

In this workshop we look at the creative energy which we know as Love and Fear. The power exists within each and every one of us and we can choose to manifest it as either one or the other. The consequence of that choice affects every aspect of our lives. It affects our prosperity or lack of prosperity, our health and vitality or lack of it. It affects whether we have successful or unsuccessful relationships, whether we are effective or ineffective communicators. It can even make the difference between life and death.

4. The Path of Daring

Man’s greatest fear is that of change. However, one thing is certain; change is inevitable. Yet, still, we fear and resist it, effectively stopping ourselves from living life to the full. It takes courage to let go of fears and doubts, to release attachments to relationships, situations or possessions; including those that have outlived their usefulness! Now’s your opportunity to come and join other daring people for a simple, practical and exciting journey of self discovery. Learn how to understand your fears and doubts, gain insights into problems and resolve issues that have held you back from really living life.

5. The Simplicity of Self Fulfillment

Achieving fulfillment begins with gaining a greater understanding into your life and the processes you live it by. How you relate to yourself and others can make the difference between living your life to the fullest… and not achieving your aspirations. This workshop will surprise you with its lack of complication and level of usefulness in day-to-day life. The techniques you will experience have already made a real difference for thousands of people around the world. Find out how much of a difference they’ll make for you too.

6. Stress Management

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a stressful life. There’s only stressful thinking. Potentially, stressful situations are an opportunity to learn and grow. However, for most people, stress is merely a major contributing factor to dis-ease, disharmony in relationships and ineffectiveness at work or in the home. In this workshop, we will explore the stress factors in your life. And you will learn how you can revitalise your whole life through using a number of practical and enjoyable techniques for managing stress.

7. Opening the Creative Mind

This seminar is for those who seriously want to change and grow. Whatever the human heart and mind can believe, it can achieve. Enlightened minds have known for thousands of years that it is possible to tap life’s creativity at its source – both in and around the human body – in order to maintain health, vitality and longevity. It’s also a powerful way to express the highest qualities of creativity in its various forms – mentally, physically and spiritually.

8. Relationships, Communication and Sexuality

Few of us realise just how important the way we relate to ourselves and to others is. Social attitudes – and our own conditioning – have cultivated belief patterns within each of us that define the way we relate. Unfortunately, all too often our interactions with others – on many different levels – are uncomfortably strained and emotional, our communication defensive and unclear. Then, when we don’t fulfil our expectations of what we believe successful relationships should be, we feel like failures. We decide to give up and simply walk away from the situation. But, try as we might to make it otherwise, we find the situation repeating itself elsewhere. When hope to be loved, accepted and supported, we end up feeling rejection, frustration and despair. In this workshop, you will be given simple, practical techniques that will support your willingness to change. As always, John will use an intuitional approach, according to the needs of the participants in the group.

9. Dreams: Symbology & Interpretation

It has been known to the ancient wise ones, throughout history, that becoming aware of your uniquely personal dream imagery will not only change your life, but also have the potential to lead you to self realisation! Because dreams are the symbolic language between the conscious, subconscious and super-conscious minds, they act as inner teachers, guiding you through the mystery that is life. By learning to recall and interpret your dreams, you will discover a fascinating inner world, full of hidden truth and insight.

10. Understanding and Mastering Emotions

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that around ninety-nine percent of the people in today’s world live as victims. Convinced that the situations of life are beyond our control, we live as victims of the weather, the economy, the government and of our own limitations. We are happy only when someone or something else makes us happy. If we are sad or angry, it’s someone else’s fault. We are told that it is wrong to express our emotions. On the other hand, we are told we should ‘let it all out’. Neither seems to work. What does work is to learn to understand others and ourselves better through our emotional experiences. To see these experiences as a gift, bringing greater understanding into our lives

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